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The origins of the Kaikoura Group stem from the vision of Richard Brake, who commenced property operations in the UK in 1996.


During 2000 Richard relocated to Cape Town and in 2003 teamed up with Chris Hyland and
Chris Moore to create  Kaikoura Capital (Pty) Ltd to focus on property development and investment as well as private equity investments. The company has traded successfully since
then, sourcing and developing a number of projects across the residential and commercial spheres across South Africa.

Current highlight projects, at the moment.

Please visit the projects page for a full list of projects.

Based in Cape Town, operating across South Africa and beyond, Kaikoura Capital boast an impressive portfolio of residential and industrial projects.  Here are just a few of  the bigger projects keeping the team busy at the moment

Chapman's Bay Estate, Noordhoek

Victoria, Bantry Bay Residential, Cape Town

Chacras Park, Mendoza, Argentina

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